Wednesday, 29 May 2013

In 2013 , i was in a new class called 4 Sejati. At first i thought i would be forever alone in this new class untill the end of this year. Because i'm really sucks in making friends and communicating with others. I feel insecure , lonely , uncomfortable and my laziness gets increases. Because it was pretty boring at first. and i started to hate school ! Perhaps , some people will think "Nehh , it's not a big deal. Just get over of it." For me , it was a huge problem. In fact , everyone needs friends. 50% of our lives are spent with friends at school. Imagine , i spend 50% of my life alone at school. I may be CRAZY ! But , i was WRONG. My new classmates are really friendly and happy serve as friend :) That was relieve ! Now , i'm more comfortable and have friends to chat with. Now , i begin to love school xp

Nie classmate aku. Tapi dia BFF aku. So , suka hati laa aku nak letak gambar dia kee tak :p

Member satu kepala :)

Diorang memang suka buli aku T^T

Member sahaja :)

Gadis-gadis comel di dalam kelas.

Member yang paling rapat dalam kelas nie.

Bergossip :p

New friend from JB (not sure). Nama tuu , nama MyBoy 

"whatever happens , as long as you're still alive , it is not the end. And if you think no one is going to be there for you , then I will."

That's all. Bye lovelies.

Love xoxo ,

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