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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Assalamualaikum. Hai.

In this moment , i was taken. And bye bye single. I hope this will last longer than before. I want him to be the last boy in my life. Because i really love him. He is different from the others guy that i've ever meet. He is quiet pampered sometime , yet matured in his own way. I love the way he treat me as his girl. He is the first guy that i really loved. I don't know why , but there is something special about him that makes me feel wanna  to marry him. I'm serious. I do wanna to marry him. Yeah , i know , i'm not suppose to think about marry around my age. But i really hope this relationship between me and him will last longer till marriage. I don't want this relationship just as a "puppy love". I want this relationship till jannah. I hope so. He is very patience with my annoying and gedik's attitude and he accept me for who i am. I don't need to cover up my imperfectness in front of him :')

This is what he gave to me when we meet for the third time :')

Have a good time with him :')

Time nie dia tengah teman eka tunggu bas :')

Lepak atas bukit japp lepas penat mendaki Bukit Bangkong dengan dia 

iloveyou Kamarul. Bye.

Love xoxo ,

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